Own a few cars? Tired of shuffling back and forth between multiple dealerships?

Simplify your Fleet Maintenance today
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Fleet Servicing. Simplified.

If you own a fleet of 5 or more vehicles, you qualify for KerbFleet – Our Fleet Servicing offering.

Managing a fleet is stressful enough, if it’s multi-manufacturer, that’s different dealerships, different invoicing methods, staff downtime taking vehicles to and from the workshop, travel expenses and more. 

KerbFleet allows you to simplify your fleet maintenance by providing the following features & benefits:

Centralised Billing - One mechanic for all your vehicles. One invoice for servicing, tyres, safety checks, consumables and more.

Fleet Discounts on Parts & Labour

Same Day Multi-Vehicle Discount - Where 2 or more vehicles are serviced in the same visit.

Proactive inspection & reporting on upcoming major maintenance items

No travel time or expenses. We come to you, and vehicles can be serviced in as little as 60 minutes! We can meet your staff wherever they are travelling for the day, or at a central depot.

By engaging Kerbside to look after your fleet, you can rest assured you’ll be proactively informed of anything & everything related to your vehicle needs, ensuring that you can accurately forecast financial as well as logistical implementations.

We don’t just look after cars, we can assist with a variety of light & medium sized trucks as well.

You’ll have a personal point of contact that can answer all your questions regarding maintenance & servicing, rather than needing to run around between multiple dealerships.

Diesel Tuning Services are also available upon request. Contact us for more information.

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